Why Do You Need Formal Language

We use paragraphs to group the sentences into if you like areas of meaning and so I have always stressed for students be careful of one sentence paragraphs you find them all the time in newspapers that’s the way newspapers work and we read the papers and of the journalists are busy and so on so the structure of the thing is not as easy for them but if you’re doing an essay or a thesis you need to make your paragraphs reader friendly and effectively linked together so we usually talk about at least two sentences and commonly and perhaps ideally three at least not too many big paragraphs are not much better than a whole page of that and broken writing so we usually talk about a topic sentence first in the paragraph and that means if let me invent one now and okay. Find out more about formal and informal styles at Robotdon.

I am sitting in my unit in Sydney Australia now that’s the topic sentence in my little piece of writing to you wherever you are now isn’t this a wonderful world we can share thoughts from wherever we are you should have seen the world in 1933 when I was born and Livan congratulations that you didn’t back to where I was I let’s talk about the other sentences in the paragraph the topic sentence I’ve told you and my evidence I need what I call an evidential sentence so I have a topic sentence about where I’m living and now I’ll give you an evidential sentence and where I am is a place that is well cared for and it is far from other overseas countries where I have been that’ll do is just spontaneous but it’s giving you a little bit more information about the topic sentence and then commonly we use a linking sentence which leads on to the next paragraph and that would be perhaps let me think right I have been in many other places but Australia is one of my favorite countries for a number of reasons full stop oh by the way don’t forget your capital letters in your full stops these are very common errors thousands and thousands of times.

I’ve had to mark there’s out informal English informal English please yourself write a novel you can do what you like but formal English put your full stops or your terminal punctuation maps ! question marks they are important perfection is an ideal for all of us you can see I haven’t reached it yet but I’m still trying at my ancient age all right then they are your paragraphs now what are you going to do with these paragraphs well of course every paragraph in your essay is going to keep to the question now what the people people tend to do after they haven’t kept the question in the opening paragraph they try to show the reader if it’s a marker what they do know they didn’t tear their didn’t like this question very much.

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