Page Numbers in Essay

You don’t need to put the page number and so now you can see why you got to break down all page numbers before yes after you you know decide to do these things you have to have a bibliography so in your bibliography you have quite long it’s the surname the year and then you have the publisher web publish sometimes the company if it’s a journal say it was current anthropology or world archaeology in my case and you don’t write the journal you depart the page long as you’ve used if you chapter three we put chapter if you use chapters ¬†and etc and all I would say about citation is the general rule is don’t use secondary citation.

And what I mean by that is if in a book that’s been a quote of another book which is quite often the case because all these academic books you read have citations in the back citations a bibliography in the back so if you are quoting someone else was in a book don’t stay on you’re in your little bracket such as such in such of us and there’s not go to that because I got told I’d get marked down for that I’m talking about it’s an EndNote so an EndNote is why you do it next to it and you then talk about the more at the end of the essay where as a footnote what some people have to do with the little number that you see on Wikipedia and it’s where at the end of each page you have say one two three four five and then you list them all after that page.

So a lot of books you might see happen to line kind of three-quarters down the page and then where they’ve got the information from some subjects do that and my subjective them and generally the humanities don’t box it far as I’m aware and I think maybe science does it like this but don’t quote me on that because again I don’t decide to don’t really know this is just from what I’ve seen from my friends essays but the ending our solar is on citations actually okay so this is on how to like physically write a perfect essay but in my experience you can’t write an essay on an empty stomach if your sewing is rumbling really loud or if you kind of feel that sticking headache because she’s not to eat breakfast yet then you can’t write a proper sa you’ll had it in it so you need need to eat food while you’re doing an essay and this might sound ask but have a snack with you at all times while you’re writing an essay even though I agree if you’re not allowed to food absolutely that can be quite silent in your pocket like berries or other like Loogootee breadsticks that’s to love on the fruits probably the best option in the library because it’s quiet and I like a smoothie or protein chain something and to keep your brain fuel you need the energy at all times.

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