Logic In Research Project

If you articulate a problem that is necessary urgent and is something that’s is importance you are more likely to get a response reader the knowledge gap and again here you would put in a sentence or two around the knowledge gap and this is this satisfies the academic premise that all research builds on previous research and provides the academic rationale for this research it also situates your research within a body of literature and it shows the the kind of gap that your research will be filling the knowledge gap is somewhat of a constructed knowledge gap because there might be lots of literature out there on your particular topic and and you will create a specific niche okay you need a sentence or two around the context and this is particularly important if you’re dealing with anything that has to do with an international audience so you would need to adjust what you’re saying here for the audience. Read more articles on logic in research paper at Edusson.

So the context is when does this take place who is it about or what is it about what what is it that you are studying so for example if you are used to talking about education in your local environment you might need to explain certain things for an international audience I’m just going to jump down to the conceptual framework a sentence or two about the conceptual framework now this is not always required in an abstract in your particular discipline particularly if you work with more theory it might be something that’s much more common your your research project might be theoretical so then you would have a sentence or two about this I’m using a catch-all phrase come to conceptual framework here but what I really mean is the perspective or lens that you are using to frame your study so it could be a model it could be a process framework it could be some kind of diagram that shows mobility through the diagram but it could be a theorist it could be anything that is a broader lenz.

What I mean by logic and evidence here is that any research project carries its own internal logic so the order that you would create this abstract art of will change depending on your particular projects so to give you an example if your project is premise on a real world problem perhaps there was a riots of some kind or protests of some kind in in a particular year then you might want to begin your abstract with that real-world problem but perhaps for you in your research project there’s a huge knowledge gap in the way we use materials or procedures or methods so you might want to have the knowledge gap as the first thing that you begin with because that’s most significant for your research project and perhaps the context is something you know that is important and then you would begin with that if your project is particularly theoretical or the conceptual framework is important you might want to begin with that.

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